Understanding Completed Streets and Completed Cities

I am new to City Strides. I am excited to use it. I have been intentionally running on streets that I haven’t run on before. They are showing up on the map, but it says I have 0% completed and 0% progressed. Could this be because these streets are not in a “city”? They are definitely public roads.

I have more questions, but I thought I would start with this one.

Hi Justin,
I can think of a few reasons why you might be getting 0 new streets for an activity:

  • your city is not in CS. You can check if it shows up in the list of cities in your profile.
  • you have already run the streets in a previous activity (unlikely, since you said you intentionally went for new ones).
  • you are being impatient (this is usually the cause when I have this issue :laughing:). It takes a while for CS to process progressed/completed, and it shows 0s while it is still processing.
    Hope that helps narrow it down, your profile is private, so it’s hard to give more detail. :slightly_smiling_face:

If the city is not in CS, will the street still show up in the number of streets completed?

If a city has 50 streets and I have run a portion of each of those 50 streets, will my percentage complete by 100% because I have run on every street or will it be the actual percentage of the portions that I have run on? I am struggling to find the best way to word this. I hope the question makes sense.

In your example, you would probably have 0% completion for the city.

A street counts as completed if you have completed more than 90% of the nodes associated with it. (“Streets” are actually just a collection of “nodes”, which you can see if you click “show” for the street in the city view).

The city completion is the percentage of completed streets. So if you have completed (as described above) e.g. 10 of the 50 streets, your percentage would be 20%, no matter if you have some progress on the other streets or not.

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Awesome! That is what I was hoping. I just wanted to clarify.

Any ideas about the first question?

If the city is not in CS, will the street still show up in the number of streets completed?

No, it will not. If your city is not in CS yet you can add it to this sheet for it to be included.
If you have more questions about how the site I would recommend heading over to the wiki section to see if that can answer some of them for you :slight_smile:

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