Undelete activity or re-import from Strava?

I noticed an activity didn’t seem to properly update street completion and progress so I deleted it, hoping it would re-sync. I now realize it wasn’t completing because of the processing delay, and I was just impatient. Congrats on being popular!

My activity still exists in Strava, can it be re-imported somehow? Or can I undelete it here? It’s been a few days now and hasn’t happened on its own.


The backlog is so big right now that it’s filling up my job queue database so I’m going to wait for that to cool down and then I’ll run another sync for your account - maybe tomorrow, or the day after. :+1:

My activity from sunday (https://www.strava.com/activities/2669941515) isn’t on the site yet, while my run from monday is. Can someone check it please?

It’s just me over here, Jo. :smile:
I just started a sync for your account - hopefully the missing activity comes through soon!

Hi James, activity is synched, but new streets aren’t updated yet

Yeah, there’s a longer delay on that - especially with backlogs like the one that’s currently ongoing.

Thanks, James.

Not sure if you ran the sync for my account already or not, but my activity still hasn’t shown back up. All the stuff I’ve done since then has come over, though.

I have the privacy set to followers only, but that doesn’t seem to prevent other stuff from coming over. Any ideas?

I just started that, so activities should start showing up. :+1:

Thanks for the great support, everything looks perfect!