Unable to save route on mobile

Tried to save a fairly complex 11 mile route, kept getting the error in attached screenshot. Tested saving a random route on my laptop and worked fine, so redrew it and that also worked fine: https://citystrides.com/routes/5331. Problem exclusively on mobile.

Strange! I couldn’t reproduce this. The next release will include more information in the error message popup(s) - hopefully that gives us a clue. Keep an eye out in #announcements for the next release just in case I forget to mention it here.

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Hi James,

Had this problem rear its head again today. The error message is now “:scream: There was an error while trying to save the route”. No issue saving the route on my laptop. Both accessing CityStrides on Chrome.

If it was not very long ago, there was some issue that took down the site. If you still have the page up, I would expect the save to work properly now.

I just noticed the “21h” time stamp on your post & I’m not confident that it was the same issue…

Yeah I couldn’t figure it out at the time and wasn’t near my computer, so I just ran with lifemap live and the route builder active :joy: