Unable to find streets/nodes in areas

Hi, I’m currently running the streets of Cardiff, Wales. There are a couple of areas that I’ve completed all but one street and I simply can’t complete those it as citystrides isn’t showing me where the street is or the nodes I need to complete.
Here’s an example, Whitchurch. I’ve completed all but a road called The Pines. When I click on “Show” citystrides does not display the nodes on the map.

If I click on ‘Go’ then citystrides takes me to a blue screen, like it’s in the sea!

Any idea why this is happening?

Here’s another with a similar issue in Canton with a road called Stryd Elai…


Stryd Elai is not displaying any nodes on the map. Clicking ‘Go’ result in same ‘blue’ screen as above. However I can find this one on the map and I have run it, so no idea what’s going on.

I’ve four of these altogether and I won’t manually mark them, would rather get the data corrected so any help much appreciated.


This is a known issue, and is being worked on. If a city’s database has a street and the street has no nodes, you cannot complete the street and therefore you cannot complete the city. There’s a thread on this issue: Streets with 0 Nodes - #32 by ericjrw

As for the blue screen when you go to the street, what you are actually viewing is 0 degrees N (or S) and 0 degrees E (or W), which is in the Atlantic Ocean off the coast of Africa.

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Fantastic! Thanks Fredrik. Good to know it’s a known issue so I’ll await the fix.