Unable to accept a friend request

I sent a friend request to an IRL friend, and she received it, but whenever she clicks the “Accept” button, nothing happens. The request is still there, pending. We tried the other way around, and we still cannot accept each other’s request. Is this a bug, or are we missing something?

Link to my profile: Gabrielle Roy - CityStrides
Link to her profile: Kate Thompson - CityStrides

Thank you!

Are you using iOS when this happens?

I’ve recently noticed that some confirmation prompts, like when attempting to delete a route, don’t get displayed in iOS … so when it’s clicked, nothing happens.

I have a prompt when accepting friend requests:

Are you sure? Accepting friend requests will make your data visible to that person.

I’m wondering if this prompt bug is causing the “Accept” button to appear to do nothing.

Oh, Kate was using iOS and when she tried from another device, it worked. Thank you!