Two profiles under my name

There are currently two profiles under my name. I have no idea, why this happend. Unfortunately I don’t know how to delete one of these two profiles. Could you please help me.

I searched and found these two:

Let me know if you want me to merge them both into the 8856 account
Alternatively, if you want to delete all the data from the Strava-connected account you can revoke access from within their settings here:

Hi James, the Strava-connected account is the more accurate account. In the Garmin-connected account there are a lot of runs missing. Therefore I would like you to delete the Garmin-account. Thanks for your help.

The Garmin-connected account is the one that is/was a supporter, so regardless of which data you want to keep that’s the direction I’ll be merging.

After the merge completes, you’ll see both the Strava & Garmin logos on your profile page.
You don’t need to (and from the stats in your profile it seems like the Garmin data is somehow slightly different from the Strava data), but if you do want to completely remove that Garmin data you can do that by revoking access from within Garmin settings.

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