Total streets completed increased, but no recently uploaded runs with completed streets

For at least a week my total streets completed has displayed 1,099. Today it shows 1,103 streets completed, though my most recent run with completed streets was March 2nd. I suspect the total increasing by 4 could be due to streets (and soon-to-be-streets) which I’d run previously but weren’t in OSM being added to OSM in the last few days.

Is that a likely explanation? Is there any other possibility?

And is there a way for a user to identify which streets these are via their CityStrides account? Or to identify new streets added in OSM on a per city basis (I looked at “History” for a couple of cities, but it was a bit confusing).

Go to Settings - Notifications and add all cities of interest

I agree. Getting history out of OSM is a pain. There are apparently other ways, per the osm forums, but if i recall, it involved using other sites.

You have probably noticed the osm update date on each CS city page. CS updates from OSM about every 6 weeks. That’s in the CS wiki.

@hans1 That was a good tip on CS notifications. Thanks

Thanks for the tip. It looks like there are some online query tools which may allow for new streets to be retrieved. I may look into that, though this is more out of curiosity than need. And thanks for sharing that subscriber functionality exists, @hans1.

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