Total miles in a city idea

Not sure if this has been mentioned or suggested before so apologies if it has.
I’m not sure if the databases used for these cities have the length of each road/street that is within that city.
It would be cool to finish a city and find out that all of the streets combined is say 52 miles or something like that.
Would also be neat as you’re keeping track of the streets that you’ve run in a town. The percentage complete can be misleading. For example I’m working on the town of Epping NH currently. 187 streets total, and I’m really dreading running route 125, a 5ish mile stretch of road that is super busy with traffic most hours of the day. Say I complete 186/187 streets in epping. City strides will say I’m 99.5% complete with the town when I really have a single very long road to run which is probably closer to 5% of the total mileage of roads in the town.


I also like this idea, but for a slightly different reason. I will sometimes have a lot of streets progressed but not completed, so it doesn’t factor into the % completed. So, if it would show percentage of miles ran for a city, then that would be easier to gauge how much more running it was going to take to complete.


I would love the number because I am fond of statistics and graphs: number of streets, nodes, kilometers (or miles if you live elswhere :slight_smile: )
Even buildings, canals, schools, churches, foodstores, dead ends etcetera would be fine :slight_smile:

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Hi @beatlekevin87 check out this similar thread Nodes As Metric. I don’t believe that the data brought in from OSM includes distance. That would be an interesting addition to have though!

@rus.golden, using the nodes as a percentage of completeness would give a way more accurate indication of how much you’ve run in the city.

Nodes would certainly be more accurate but it would also be pretty cool to see how many miles of roads any given city has and how much you ran so far. I was reading about Rickey Gates who ran all of San Francisco which is apparently 1100 miles. Obviously to do a city is probably going to take at least 20% more than that because of out and backs and such but just having the overall metric for the town gives a real sense of its size and the accomplishment.