Today’s run shows on profile, but not in city page

Today’s (7/5) run in Firth, NE shows on my activity profile, but I am still listed at 0% on city page/Striders. Also, City does not show as having been run on profile bar chart.


This looks resolved to me - you’re displaying as 100% complete in Firth.
Does it look right to you now?

It looks right on my end now. Thank you.

A note on another topic…do you see a path to creating ambassadors within individual cities to help identify Street that need flagging/removal? In a city the size of mine (Atlanta), I would think it would be beneficial to have a system that allows for runners to identify and group streets for periodic removal. I have flagged a few streets in the past, but I understand that removing one street at a time Across the globe would be a full-time job. Just a thought, not sure how exactly that would happen, but perhaps there’s a way runners like my cells can help identify them and manageable pieces. Thanks again for all your work