Time Filter in City Map

Hey there,

I want to run every street in my city in 2022. Of course, I have already completed streets the years before, so the City Map doesn’t tell me which streets I still have to run.
The “Time Filter” Feature is already available in the Lifemap. However, I do not see the city boundaries there.

→ Would it be possible to copy the Time Filter Feature from the Lifemap to the City Maps?

That would be great, thanks!

Keep on runnin’,

@niklasvda if you go to a city’s page, while logged in, you will tabs for complete & incomplete streets. For example: Weatherford, Texas - CityStrides

Shows, for me:


The Incomplete / Complete are tabs that can be clicked to show the streets.

Hope this helps.


PS. You need to navigate to the city via your CS “home” page, via cities on your page, to get that data.

PPS. I am also assuming that CS works the same for all cities, in all regions. :slight_smile:

I think what Niklas means is that he wants to see which streets in this city has been run during 2022. If it has been run, but before this year, he needs to run it again now

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You can make your own challenge for a city.
Not perfect but usable.



Thank you Hans, that is exactly what I meant.

Thank you Henrik, that’s MY solution! I didn’t know that custom challenges are possible. Exactly what I need!

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