There is no map associated with this activity

Hello! I am brand new here, and as my historical runs were loading to my map, I noticed some streets were missing. I did some digging through specific runs, and was finding that those activities are showing an error message “There is no map associated with this activity.” I read the pinned thread here, and began deleting the activities individually to then wait for them to re-sync, but I’ve now manually deleted over 30 activities and wanted to check if you could please run the script for me to take care of this quickly.

Thank you so much!

Yeah, it’s decently easy for me to fix an account full of these activities. I’ll rephrase the pinned post to let people know they shouldn’t manually do more than like 3.

I just started the process to fix your activities - you should see the bad ones are gone, and they should slowly reappear.

I am experiencing the same problem today (Nov 10) and I notice the same problem on some other striders who I follow (although yesterday was fine). I tried deleting the exercise (as per the faq) and re-synching, but the result was the same (no map). The streets completed show as a list, but there is no map and the lifemap is not being updated, even though in Strava the map shows up just fine… Is this happening to everybody ?

Seems it: Updated on street count but not map

I’ll figure it out when I’m back at my computer… definitely off that the streets are progressed/completed but there’s no map … the map comes from the same data :laughing: :sob:

Actually on the re-synch not all streets are shown but in my profile on the left sidebar it lists recently completed streets and today’s new streets are still all there

OK, I figured it out … and it shouldn’t be a huge issue to fix.
No data is lost or anything, I just need to update some columns. :+1:

Update: The issue should be solved out now.

Hi James, I had a run on Nov 10 with ‘no map associated with this activity’. I deleted the activity from CS as per the pinned post, but it has not appeared since?

Strava link: Log In | Strava
CS profile:


Hi, I’m still having the issue today with an activity having no map (and thus the lifetime map and city map aren’t updating).

Which activity is that?

Ah, ok - I don’t think there’s a map to display for that. Log In | Strava

I was looking at some missing roads and found that at least mid-November to end of December 2016 all have the “There is no map associated with this activity.” problem. I’m not sure if its limited to this time period (I have 116 pages of activities) but its what I found. I was searching and didn’t see an easy way to resolve. Is this something you have to manually kick off?


Thanks for your help!

Yep - just started that process … found 119 activities to fix, so it could take a li’l bit. :smile:

Thanks James! Been writing about heatmapping and promoting your site in the local community and on reddit as a fun way to gamify running. Keep up the good work.

Hey James, when you say a li’l bit do you mean several days? Just checking if the fix didn’t work or its just expected to take longer. Thanks!

Yeah, it didn’t work because I’m an idiot … but if you’re following this forum pretty closely then you already know that :laughing:
This section of the code isn’t used much, and I didn’t update it when I changed some other things back around November.
I just updated it & actually started the process. :grimacing: I’d only expect this to have to run for an hour at most. You should see maps appear for activities fairly quickly, and then the progression calculations can be delayed based on the Activity Processing Delay CityStrides

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