Team with friends

It would be nice if we could use City Strides with our friends, here the idea :

I can create a team and add my friends into it.

In the team we have a combined lifemap where we can see the lifemap of each member in a different color.

We have differents statictics :
The global cities progression. We work in team to finnish the cities. Doing all the streets of a city it’s quite difficult so working with friend to achieve this goal would be a fun thing to do.

The cities progression of each team member. Being in a team is also a competion. I want to do more streets than my friends ! Ex : I did 25% of a city and my friend did 13%.

Team Rank of total number of streets done, etc.

This idea would help challange friend to workout more ! In the same way right now I want to do more streets to get more “points”, challenging and working with my friend in my city would be something really cool to do !

Thanks for posting this! There’s at least one other post in #ideas about the idea of a team-based approach, along with emails I’ve received directly. People definitely want this & I want to build it.
Your post provides a great amount of detail around what this feature can/should look like. This helps so much!

I’ll update this post with links, when I have time to hunt down the other related thread(s).


I hunted down all others posts that have similar ideas. Here what I found :

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Thank you!

I love the idea of different people’s life map in different colours… although you’d need to be able to chose the priority order in which they were overlaid (ie you might want your own route to be ‘on top’).


The idea of overlaying multiple LifeMaps sounds awesome regardless of teams! To be clear: an option when viewing another CityStrider’s user profile or LifeMap, have a ‘Compare’ button that brings to the map overlay screen, and/or have a drop-down menu populated by the cities/regions you have in common with that user. Definitely would need/want to be able to choose which map is on top, and/or (possibility to) make the top layer semi-transparent.

I keep editing this post because I have more related ideas, but taking it a step or two further, imagine the synergistic combination of LifeMap ReRun and the above-described Compare: you would be able to see the iterative progression of two different users :sunglasses:


Figured that idea was not novel, but what’s more embarrassing is that I already voted for it… :rofl:

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It’s important to take into consideration that this idea of a team is not only to compare between two people, but with all team members.

In exemple, if I want to complete my city with my friend, let’s say 5 people, we would see the combined 5 lifemaps creating the Team Lifemap.

Like @steveamor12 said, when you watch the Team Lifemap, our own lifemap should be at the top and the others under it. I suggest to order them by the less number of street completed first, like that it’s easier to see the work of the members that walk less.

I say that because in my case I walk a lot, but not all my friend will walk as much as me.

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