Sync problems after run


I have been syncing with Strava for the past month without issue. After my run on the 31’st I connected and while the run appeared on the map, none of the streets appeared as completed or progressed. I gave it about 24 hours with no change. Tonight I discovered the delete entry button. I did that and then tried to re-sync it. Again, the map appeared correct however no streets completed or progressed.


Jon Morisset

I think it might be because you completed the city (congrats!). I just tried reprocessing the Activity & there wasn’t a change - there could be a cache that’ll expire within a day, because I also cleaned up some streets that you hadn’t run (because they weren’t streets … there was a pool, a park, and a river in there) but your total completion didn’t change to 100%.

I might be missing something, though - can you link to a street that should have been marked as completed/progressed?

I know that you and I have connected on this before, but this run still shows 0 streets progressed or completed. I am not really sure what is up with it.