Sync only back to March 2020

I synced with Garmin and all my data loaded in since March 2020 but nothing from 2019. Is this normal or does it take some time? It’s been a few hours.

My data (back to 2009) took weeks. I think you can expect it to take at least a day or two.

Okay, just thought it was weird. It already updated a run from yesterday but still nothing from 2019.

Yeah, Garmin history sync is probably very slow due to their architecture. I have to work back in time week-by-week, and the pace of activities being sent over is entirely decided by them.

Hello there,

I’m loving this but unfortunally i’m facing the same issue.

New activities sync but older than March 20 do not. It’s been almost three days.

So this is a Garmin issue, not a city stride?

Cheers from brazil.


No syncs before March 2020 and it’s been a week now.


There have been some Garmin sync difficulties recently. I can see that your account was in the list that I requested to be re-synced by Garmin support. I’ve re-requested this from them, so let’s see how this goes. It could take some time, because of their sync setup - I don’t have a good visual on progress etc.

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Thanks James!
Best regards.

two weeks and no new uploads.

Anything new from Garmin?

No new uploads, meaning new activities? Or new meaning none of your older activities have appeared yet?

I have another batch of requests to send over to them, I’ll make sure to include yours (again).

Some background:
This is a seriously painful change that Garmin has recently made, where a historical request is allowed once and then any (I’m unsure of rules here) subsequent request for the same period is rejected as a “duplicate” request. This is objectively terrible (e.g. person syncs history, accidentally deletes activity in CityStrides, and now both I and the Garmin support team have to send emails back and forth to get the request to work). I’m not sure how far I’ll get, but I intend to voice my complaints.

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Hello James,

Sorry for the late reply. Hadn’t check here in a while.

New activies, activities from now on, are synced.

My problem is older activities stopped syncing (unless i do it manually).

Any news on this?


I’ve started the process that syncs your full history again. I do expect failures, since Garmin only allows me to request dates once, but now that I understand the exact problem I think I’ll be able to work through them.

Hi James,

My runs after the 19th of August unfortunately don’t show up in my citystrides account. Ive tried to log out and in again, and I’ve added my garmin account in addition to my strava account to citystrides, but nothing seems to work.

Any insights?