Sync doesn't seem to agree with Status

Maybe I was getting spoiled by how snappy the sync/processing had been for the past few weeks/months, but this week I’ve been having delays of hours that don’t seem to be captured by the Status page. Past couple nights it’s been a few hours, tonight it’s been more than 30+ minutes. Another odd thing is that when I go to ‘sync now’ it used to say “You already have a sync in the queue” but now each time it gives the de novo message “You now have a sync in the queue” even though the activity fails to appear…And the Status page says there are no delays on either sync or processing.

Anyways, the other nights I didn’t say anything because I was hoping it would be short term but this has been all week now :confounded:

There aren’t any undisclosed delays, so it sounds like a delay on the tracker’s side. The new behavior of the “sync now” is odd, though.

I’ll take a closer look tomorrow.

As an update, over an hour after my first “Sync Now” there wasn’t even an unprocessed activity on my page but when I got up this morning the processed activity was there. I use Runkeeper and do “Sync Now” after I upload my activities, didn’t see that the API limit was reached either.

There’s no API limit reporting for Runkeeper, because they don’t make that information visible to me. It just works until it doesn’t. :grimacing:

I’m going to add more error reporting for Runkeeper requests to see if that’s failing more frequently than I expect.
All of your activities can be returned in a single request to Runkeeper, so that tells me your ‘sync now’ request is immediately getting an error & being retried over and over (there’s a 2-10 minute random delay) for a very long time. :thinking:

I expect I’ll know more soon… :sweat_smile:

Update: Yup, hitting their 15-min limit. I’ve emailed asking for an increase, just in case that’ll save me from rewriting my sync code.

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I think I’ve resolved the issue by improving how & when I select Runkeeper accounts for syncing throughout the day. I do hope Runkeeper can increase my rate limit, since I’m nearing capacity (without a fairly drastic rewrite), but I would expect your future “Sync Now” requests to work as expected.

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Thanks as always! I’ll see how the next few days go, and hopefully report back no issues. Like I said, my sync/processing had been nearly immediate for quite a while.