Sync Date of an Activity

I have a run that I did on Sept 8, 2034. Good to know I’ll still be running then!

It was imported from MapMyRun, which pulls from Garmin Connect. I couldn’t find the activity in MMR, until I edited the HTML to allow me to query Sept 2034. Sure enough it’s there.

I don’t see the activity in Garmin Connect and I don’t have a trick to find it there.

To the point: Is there a way to find out when the activity was synced in CityStrides? Perhaps the record creation date? That’s most likely the day I did the run.

– Matt

Have you tried double-clicking on this run on the CS lifemap? That is, click on the track itself on the map, this will give you details about that run. This is a bit difficult on my ipad, I have to try many times before it works, the track becomes thicker, but works very well on the PC

I would like to second the idea that having the sync date of an activity on the activity page could be a useful idea, and/or being able to search your own activities by sync date rather than activity date.

I just made a small edit to a run from last July to fix a GPS error in a place I’m not going to be running again, and the most convenient way to see that the sync went thru was to search for the trace on my lifemap since it didn’t populate on my profile page.

That activity was created in CityStrides on Sun, 14 Jun 2020 15:08:43.347930000 EDT -04:00

Let me know if that helps at all - I have no visibility into how long it takes for Garmin to send CityStrides activities, so I have no idea if that activity was created on June 14 or some day prior.

my activities are usually roughly instantaneous. My garmin is connected to both Strava and CityStrides, and I find that if my activity has already gone to Strava then usually it’s at least appeared on CS, if not fully processed.

Thanks for the info! I’ll look into it this weekend. – Matt

For anyone interested…

Unfortunately the CityStrides activity creation date didn’t turn out useful. I think I may have deleted the activity and allowed it to resync on that date hoping the resync would correct the problem.

I was able to determine the original upload date on Garmin Connect by examining the web service data when displaying the activity. I was also able to see the strange 2034 date in that file. I’m convinced that the actual date of that activity was the evening prior to the Garmin upload date in January 2020, so I will correct it there and see if it flows through to CityStrides after deleting the incorrectly dated activity.

Thanks for you help and suggestions!

– Matt