Sweden Mora

You need to run Gammelvägen in two different villages to get it completed.

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The map data used for CityStrides comes from Open Street Maps

A little more info like links to the street or the city it is part of can help us narrow down what might be going on.

One thing that sometimes happens is that since CityStrides groups things by the name they are given, if two different “ways” have the same name, but are in different places, they get grouped together. There have been discussions about this in the past if you’d like to see some of what people have talked about.


Yes, that’s how it works. CityStrides only know cities, not villages. So since there are two streets with the same name Gammelvägen in Mora kommun, there is no way for CS to know these are two different streets. So they are consideted as one street, but placed a distance apart.
If you think this is weird, consider that in some British cities there are like a dozen different High Streets😁

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