Supporter Subscription

I bought a supporter subscription for a month to try it out. I purchased sometime later in April.
It looks like on May 1st the supporter functions stopped working but when I look at settings it says I still have one month.

When I bought did I buy the balance of the calendar month or should it be for 30 or 31 days from the day I bought?


Your account is still definitely marked as a supporter & still lists that you have 1 month of access. Is it possible that you got logged out without realizing it? The top right menu should show your avatar, and not sign in / sign up links.
What’s odd is that if I view your LifeMap, I am able to filter - so it’s correctly seeing that you’re a supporter for me. (I checked a non-supporter and that feature is not available on their LifeMap)

The way I built it, I store the day of the month that you last contributed … and I have a system that checks daily for people with “today’s” day as their last contributed day … that subtracts one month from the count of prepaid months … if your account gets to 0, I send an email.


Upper right drop down shows Sign Out option so assuming I’m still logged in.
Filtering not working, individual run not working.

This is in Firefox. I’ll do some more troubleshooting and report back.

Your menu looks something like this (without my admin options) right?

I’m in Firefox as well…
When you say “individual run not working” what are you referring to?

Update also, you use the phrasing “Filtering not working” which suggests that the filter button is on the page and it is just not functional. That makes me think that there’s something wrong with the filter not that you have lost access to supporter features (that button is just not shown if you are not a supporter).

Yes that is what the menu looks like.
I meant I couldn’t select an individual run from the life map.
The filter button was showing. I’d select it and it would let me add in dates but the filter was not applied to the LifeMap.

BUT as systems like to do it automagically started working when I was going to go back and do some troubleshooting.

Very odd, since I waited a few days before asking/reporting but it works now so will simply keep an eye on it and if it returns I’ll do a bit more troubleshooting first (dif browsers, …)

Ah, ok - I did accidentally break that filtering the other day. It’s possible that it was either still open from that time, and returning to the page loaded the fixed page … or it was cached in the browser somehow.

:smiley: “automagically”

I have 30 years working in tech. I’ve broken many things.