Support for non default shoes

Hi, i had some question arising here.
Some runs i do i use another pair of shoes as default on this site. How can i re-assign the correct shoes to the correct runs? (Or is this shoe thingy a sleeping feature?)

Yeah, I think you found it out on your own, but for anyone else who comes across this post…
While you’re on the Activity page, you can open the menu and select ‘Edit Activity’ - in that form, there’s a shoe selection field in the top right.

This is kind of a sleeping feature, though … I originally built it because Runkeeper did not have a shoe tracker. They’ve since added the ability to associate shoes with activities, so this feature in CityStrides feels a bit extraneous.

I’d like to rebuild it so that CityStrides just takes your shoe information from the run tracking service - removing any kind of shoe management feature within CityStrides. I don’t want to just wholesale remove this, though, because many people (like me) might want to push the shoe data from CityStrides into Runkeeper first and then switch over to the Runkeeper system.

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