Subscription deals

I took out a 2 month subscription to see if I liked CS and I do so am keen to renew as it is going to expire shortly.

However I can only see an option to pay in multiples of 5 USD per month. Are there any more cost effective ways of supporting CS longer term in return for a slightly better pro-rata monthly rate?

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Yeah, monthly subscriptions go as low as $2/month

I might be hiding the monthly form for people who “already have a subscription” which would include one-time contributors during their months of access

I’ll look into that today

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Sorry if this is answered somewhere else, but if one signs up for an ongoing recurring monthly subscription, how would you go about cancelling that in the future - if things say don’t work out between us :wink: … The subscription page doesn’t say whether this will be possible… it seems to indicate an open-ended forever and ever arrangement.

Only certain things in life are death, taxes and an on-going CityStrides subscription.

Seriously though there is a Cancel button in the Settings page. I hear that sends an electrical shock to James’ keyboard and he only gets to eat top ramen for the rest month.


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Yeah it’s also wired up to a spray bottle that’s pointing at my cat & it spritzes him on every cancellation so you’re also making him feel real bad too.

That said, I’ll update the site to be clearer about cancellation. Thanks for the feedback!


@JamesChevalier Got any cat videos/pictures? Kinda serious, and yeah, off topic. We have 2 cats, Marco & Polo. :cat2: :cat2:

so you’ll update the site to mention the cat?


Got to know I can cancel and we all love cats!

First things first though I still can’t take out a subscription. Maybe I need to wait until 27th June when my current 2 month payment runs out?

Yeah, sorry, I didn’t build that UI in a way that considers this situation. :frowning:

There are two options (not counting the possibility of me redesigning this page in the meantime):

  • Wait until the 27th, and subscribe after that contribution resets
  • I can manually reset your status (‘cancelling’ your subscriber access) and you can subscribe right after I do that

Let me know if you’d like me to manually reset things; otherwise I’ll assume you’re ok to wait to the 27th.

I may unsub and resub just to torture James and his cat!

This is the type of need-to-know information that keeps me coming back to the forums!

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Assuming I won’t lose anything else once have subscribed again, please go ahead and do a reset.

OK, you should be all set to subscribe - let me know if something doesn’t work right, I haven’t done this before. :grimacing:

Can’t see anything different. Still says am subscribed until 27th June.

Can you share your profile link, please? (top right menu)

I am

OK, how about now? :grimacing: :sweat_smile:

Ah yes that’s better. So how does this work now? Is that monthly and do I just select an amount that seems reasonable?

Yeah, pay what you’d like. :smile:

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