Streets rated as "progressed" although completed

Hi everyone,

two days ago I ran around and completed at least 10 streets. These ones are green when I turn them on “Show” (see below), but they do not appear as “completed” :frowning:
First, I thought it’s a synch problem, but after deleting this activity and uploading it manually again nothing changed.
Does anybody know, how to solve that problem without completing them manually?

Best regards from Germany

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I noticed this too. But after a few minutes (hours) it shows the correct numbers.

It seems, that there are three tasks. One that imports the routes from strava and the likes, one that looks after completed streets/nodes and another one that clears out the incomplete streets.

Greetings from Germany back.

Ciao! Björn

Hi Björn,

I know exactly what you describe :smiley: This “phenomenon” appears quite often and it takes a few hours until everything is uploaded correctly (especially if the distance is longer than normal).
But in this current case I’m waiting for 48 hours already. Even the run I did yesterday (24 hours ago) was uploaded and synched correctly. It’s just that the one was skipped :frowning:

Greeting! Patrick

I’m trying a reprocess to see if that helps…

I’m also wondering if a recent code change is contributing to this. I removed some delays in queueing up jobs.

That’s pretty close. First it imports the activity from the tracking service. Then it figures out which Nodes were completed (this puts Streets into the “Incomplete” list). Then it figures out which Streets were completed (this moves them over into the “Complete” list).
…Along with some other tasks for various things.

Remember, this outcome also happens if there is more than one street in a city with the same name… you can’t “complete” the street until you’ve done them all. You can confirm there is another street with same name by pressing the “go” button on the progressed street name row.