Streets progressed not showing

Hello James. I just went out for a short jog and synched my run. Once sync was complete, the streets i ran and did not complete (streets progressed) came up as blank purple boxes. The streets completed show up normal (green boxes with name of streets). Just wanted to let you know. Thanks for all that you do.

I have the same issue, I see purple boxes without progressed names. But if you select them thea appear. as black letters on a white background. So all is there but you have to know how to read the invisble ink LOL I think James had the letters in the same colour as the background, a minor detail :slight_smile:

The problem looks solved: white characters on purple background
Still a small problem surviving. If you look at the zero % cities in your profile (meaning for instance 0,31 %) the 0 % is displayed in black on purple instead of white on purple and that’s very difficult to see. Besides that I would very much like to see the 2 decimal points but I thought you said somewhere that would be very difficult to realize?

lol that’s so weird … I’ll figure out the black text for the next release.

For the two decimal places, I’ll look into that again as well - I got them correctly added to the database, and the city pages themselves show the correct decimals (example 66.04%). So this should be possible. :thinking:

Hi James. I still cannot see my progressed streets from 4/7/19.