Streets not updating

My runs are showing up on my life map but the streets completed isn’t updating

There are two David Harper in CityStrides, so I’ll need your profile link to help out.

The usual reason for this happening is that the city you’re running isn’t in CityStrides yet. Have you verified that it exists in Cities - CityStrides yet?

The first one is me. I’ll check. Groton CT seems like a city that would be on it

OK, yeah Groton, Connecticut - CityStrides exists but its border doesn’t extend out to where you ran.

It looks like I imported this Groton: Relation: ‪City of Groton‬ (‪4836508‬) | OpenStreetMap
but maybe this one is more accurate Relation: ‪Groton‬ (‪11059193‬) | OpenStreetMap