Streets not complete?

New to this, only done 4 runs, all load to my life map fine, but it says I have not completed any streets? Am I doing something wrong?

It looks like your city is not included in citystrides yet. I’ve added it to the Missing Cities sheet, it should be added in due course. Maybe you could have a quick look to see if I’ve identified it correctly? The completed streets calculations will update once it’s been imported so you can keep turning that map purple in the meantime.

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hi - looking good now - i can see completed streets etc - thank you

That was probably my fastest “missing city → imported and calculated” move yet! :smiley:



No kidding! I had to double-check the time stamps on those posts, that was fast!

I am having the same issue- I ran yesterday and the route shows up on my Lifemap but I haven’t received any credit for the streets. I really don’t want to run that route again :joy:

There’s quite a delay right now in activity processing: CityStrides
I expect that this is just a waiting game. :+1:

You won’t have to run the route again. :smiley: