Streets in 2 different towns merged

Hi, I walked Williams Street in Sterling MA which runs into Willard St in Leominster MA. Map connected Williams St in Sterling with Williams St Leominster, which is in another Area of Leominster. I have attached the screen shot of the issue. I don’t know if you are able to fix or not. Thanks

Hi @david_mcpherson, and welcome to the forum.

The screenshot is definitely helpful, thanks for providing that.
Here’s what’s happening:

  • The City of Sterling has a Williams St with 6 nodes
  • The City of Leominster also has a Williams St with 7 nodes in Leominster but is also including the 6 nodes of Williams St in Sterling in the count
  • Your screenshot shows the street in Leominster which you progressed, but did not complete. I checked out your activity and confirmed that it does show the Williams St in Sterling as complete.
  • As far as progressing Sterling, you’re good to go, and now when you get over to Leominster you won’t be unable to complete a street with a mix of nodes :grinning:

As far as what’s causing Leominster to group them together, it’s because of this:

You can read more about this on the Wiki page that quote is from: About the Node, Street and City Data.