Streets completed manually

Today i ran this one Henrik Johansen's Activity on February 2, 2019 - CityStrides

It says 0 completed, 12 progressed.
I checked the streets i know i completed today, all of them says i have manually completed them ?

Here’s one of them CityStrides

I’m looking into this … I’ll let you know when I have more details.
Sorry for the trouble!

OK, I see…

The Street was completed by an Activity that no longer exists. So when it’s trying to display the date that it was completed (stored on the Activity record), it can’t & it falls back to “manually”.

Right now I’m leaving the data for completed/progressed Street calculation if the Activity is deleted. I did this on purpose, worrying that people would be surprised to see their progress decreased if they deleted an Activity. I’m not sure that was the correct decision, though.

I’ll have to think about this one!

Thank you for looking in to it. Had a suspicion that was the reason.
I deleted and edited the run, because i accidently started the run again when i was on my way home.
I removed the bad part with and uploaded it again.

I would have no problem with my progress being decreased if I clean up some of my sloppy looking runs that the GPS burped on, once a delete button is available, so if you wanted to revisit your original decision, you have my vote.


No problem to make streets unrun when deleting a gps in a source system. But it should also check if others runs now cover the streets, and complete them by that run. like in this example above, and i also have an example. I did a run a few months ago, where i switched mobile halfway because the run was so long (batterylife), and so i first saved the original 2 on strava, exported and deleted them later and replaced those with the merged complete run. All those streets are now on ’ manually completed’