Street with use_sidepath not in CS

Hi James,

Just found that this section of a street is not in City Strides: OSM

It has access = No, but also foot = use_sidepath. I’m not sure if this is the correct setup in OSM. In real life, it is definitely runnable.
I’m guessing either the ‘access = no’ is ruling it out, or ‘foot = use_sidepath’ is not picked up.

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For sure access=no is keeping this out. It was too long ago i was in that area of Am*dam. Is that road/street publicly accessible by car? At least access=no is wrong here. It’s restricted or designated or something like that

I think it is not accessible for cars, but it has trams, and many cyclists of course. OSM seems to indicate that delivery trucks are allowed at certain times. It also has the pavement/sidewalk as a separate entity (but those are not in CityStrides). It’s a bit more complex than the streets that I’m comfortable editing.

At least access=no is false. It should be cars=no i think, or cars= designated for the trucks with the details in a description

i guess it’s all explained here

i would go with something like this: hgv:conditional=no @ (06:00-22:00 AND weight>5)