Street shows incomplete even though all nodes completed

Anyone else run into the issue and know how to resolve it?

Also – most recent activity shows “0 completed, 0 progressed” but when I open the activity it says “0 completed, 6 progressed”. It should show “1 completed, 5 progressed” or something like that.

I know the street should be complete because I’ve opened the node hunter and none of the street’s nodes appear. It’s a pretty straightforward street with just 1 section, so I’m pretty sure I didn’t miss anything.

Update – the activity fixed itself (“1 completed, 5 progressed”) and I’m now on the board for the city, but it still says “0 out of x completed” for the city. Weird.

Woke up this morning to a highly unusual delay in the main background job queue … it’s likely causing very long delays in a lot of things. I’m looking into it now…


I’m struggling with the same - I’m debating either marking the 100% streets as manually completed, or waiting for the system to fix itself.

My missing streets are now shown as completed, so I guess @JamesChevalier did his magic :grinning:
In cases like this, wait for at least a day to see if things clear up by themselves. Queues sometimes build up, but they are eventually taken care of

Wait. Do not mark as manually complete. It’s just a delay, it’s not broken.

I’ve started up a few instances to work on just this one backed up queue, so this 6 hour delay should start to decrease now. Oddly, the queue size is getting worse and I haven’t figured out why yet. :sweat:
This paired with one of my latest batches of beer (heading for a competition) reaching unsafe temps overnight is making for a pretty terrible morning. :angry:

Update: All caught up, there should no longer be any delays

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When does the CityStrides bar open?

I’m going to need a lot more CityStrides subscribers to be able to fund that. :smile:

We’re (Tell-Tale Brewing) in two competitions very soon, for any local people:

I’m very late to respond but everything looks fine now, thanks James! Also good to know for the future that not everything gets processed immediately as soon as runs are imported.