Street nodes from OSM are not in CS?


i just ran some more yesterday and looking at the progress in the current city, i noticed the following.
I partially ran a longer street and this street is put on done, although i did not the whole street,
for instance:

Ruys de Beerenbroucklaan

With my run i partially did Odalaan and Ruys de Beerenborucklaan.

Odalaan is now on completed, and Ruys de Beerenbroucklaan is not in progressed or done.

Hey, i think i’ve worked it out - I checked Odalaan.
On CS, the street is just the 2 left nodes, and it shows Stein was last updated on 12th October:

Out of interest and as i’m learning OSM, i checked the history of the street in the Potlatch1 editor and an edit made on 7 October 2018 still had only 2 nodes for this street:

On 4th November (so after the last update to CS), there is another edit for this street, and the full street is now added:

So the next time Stein updates, the correct details should pull through.

Hope this makes sense!


Wow, perfect, good analyses. So an OSM issue, this is not a new street, but it was not completed in CS until recent. I wouldn’t have expected that in my regions.


Yes, that’s right. I didn’t look into it very closely (as i’m meant to be working haha) but looking at the area, it is very comprehensive, with buildings, house numbers etc, so I was very surprised when the street disappeared when i went to an older edit of only 1 year ago. As the editing history was only looking at the one street, I could not see if the rest of the area devolved as much as this one street did.

Now, however, the area is a work of art!

I am aiming to get mine to look the same, but there is still a lot to do!

Yeah, putting a lot of details into a part in OSM is addictive. Each time i run i notice details and check them in OSM. Alleys, driveways, footways in parks, private accesses, garbage bins, benches, etc.


@petje I’ve made drinking fountains my goal!


All of you are putting me to shame. My goal is to add one business on my daily commute per day. I also add stuff I notice on my walks and (to a lessor extent) my runs.