Street count not updating from removing manually completed streets

Hi there,

I think I’ve found a bug as it relates to manually completed streets.

  1. I marked 11 streets as manually completed
  2. My street count and percentage updated correctly!
  3. I unmarked a few of these streets as manually completed
  4. The street count and percentage didn’t update.

I’ve attached two screenshots to show some of the discrepancy.

Screenshot one shows I have 14 streets to go:

But this screenshot shows that the city count and percentage says I only have 3 streets to go, and the percentage reflects that number as well:
Screen Shot 2021-11-01 at 11.09.51 AM

Is there a way to trigger a recalculation? Thanks!

Edit: I made this change yesterday, so maybe 12-16 hours ago. I thought I’d wait overnight to see if maybe there was a delay but it still hasn’t updated. Thanks!

Yeah, I have piles of jobs that are reused in completely different contexts. It looks like the flow of unmarking a street as complete doesn’t update counts/percentage unless the unmarked streets are completed by an activity. :bug:

When a street is unmarked as completed, a series of jobs are run that recheck progress etc … I wrote out the job flow in a way that expects change. It’s expecting that you’ve unmarked the street as manually complete because you’ve got an activity that completes it. So it got to a point in the job flow where it was either “exit early and do nothing because nothing changed” or “continue doing things to update counts and percentage values because things changed” … and it exited early, because nothing had changed.

A-ha! Makes sense. Thanks!