Strava Run not showing on city strides

I ran in Arlington MA on January 10th. It shows up on my Strava profile but has not synched up to City strides.

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Do you have any activities listed in CityStrides ?

James - I am running into the same issue with today’s Strava run. Nothing is showing in my sync queue.

No further Strava syncing will occur today (until midnight UTC). The very top stat in the status page indicates that we’re below the 1k threshold for the day.

Bummer that my queue indicator is not working as expected… the intention is to show you a list of scheduled activity syncs for your account. I’ll look into that.

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Thanks for the tip on the Status page. Very helpful when these situations come up.

Saw the API call counts, good to know there’s a built in process to prevent the site from going over the allocated calls.

Thanks for the update!