Strava not syncing

Hi, I joined yesterday and everything seemed to be syncing well but it then stopped importing any activities before June 2019. I thought it would pick up again at midnight but still nothing. Any ideas? Is there a limit as to how many activities it will import from Strava? Thanks in advance for any help.

CityStrides is hitting Strava’s API limits, so activity syncing will be delayed for those accounts.
You can get a view of things here: CityStrides

I do need to rework that page a bit; it’s not displaying info on full-account syncing. That’ll affect new signups (people who need their full history synced) and anyone using the “sync now” feature.

There’s no overall limit to how many activities can sync into CityStrides. In the meantime, all anyone can do is wait.

Thanks for your patience!

Ok thanks James.

Was just worried I was missing something as my 200 odd activities from before June 2019 weren’t showing up on the status screen as waiting for download. It’s just like they’ve been cut off and only anything from June 2019 onwards is in the system.

The status screen also doesn’t seem to be picking up my latest run from yesterday despite it saying there are no Strava activities in queue (which I can’t believe is the case from what you say) so not sure it is quite behaving itself…