Strava activity not importing

My activity from today is in Strava but has not gone into Citystrides. I tried the “sync now” but nothing changed. Any ideas?

Not syncing for me either.

Mine just updated

I have the same issue, pressed “sync now” but no change yet.

I’ve completely exceeded my daily Strava API limits. Nothing is going to work until it resets :thinking: and I can’t recall if they’re on UTC or Eastern.

// @hjkiddk @r.weide


To eliminate Strava API limits, is it feasible just to have direct GPS file upload to Citystrides and bypass Strava?

That would be so much more work :laughing:

I have code in place that I thought would avoid this, but I got something wrong. I’m aiming to release a fix before the rollover tonight, so that things work properly tomorrow.


@JamesChevalier I have noticed my run from December 7 is missing . December 7 6.71mi 56:53 was the time. Run started at 8:41am

Yep. See :point_up: in this thread that I moved your post into.

Still no update? When do we expect it to catch up?

My last update :point_up: still basically applies:

Good News:
The bulk of the work wrapped up overnight (for me; I just woke up). This is still working through progress calculations, but most of the actual syncs that were queued up completed.
I’m also working to fix my self-limiting approach, so that I keep myself from reaching Strava API limits at all. This will make it to logins never fail, and (eventually/hopefully - this will take some effort & luck) so that Supporters aren’t blocked from syncing.

Bad News:
I’ve already reached my daily Strava API limit, so new activities & new syncs are delayed by a day.

Minor Update (updated):
I’ve just released the updated self-limiting code, and it has been doing a good job keeping things from exceeding the Strava API limits again. This should be visible to everyone in that you won’t be blocked from logging into CityStrides again. You may also find that there’s more of a delay for some activity syncing on busier days.
In the coming days/weeks, I intend to optimize this limiting in favor of Supporters.


Hi Jim, I still have not seen the streets completed for a run on December 7. Anything that I need to do on my end ? The run could potentially give 100% and would prefer not to rerun the streets.

Thank you

Supporters have a ‘sync now’ option in the top right menu :+1:
Otherwise, the process is to ask for a sync & I do that when I have the time.

Thank you. May I please have a manual sync for the run on December 7? I believe that my support expired.

:man_facepalming: I’m sorry, I saw the purple line on your user card & thought you were a current subscriber (I forgot that I retain that for anyone who has ever contributed). :+1: sync on the way