Strange new account issues

Hi James,

I was (stupidly) messing around with buttons and accidentally deleted my account. So…

I have started a new account and it has only imported some of my runs. It only seems to go back about 15 months or so, and displays less than this on the lifemap. This also means there are more runs on Strava waiting to be imported. Is this case of wait and see if it imports, or is there something you can do your end?

Secondly, I was a supporter on my old account. Can you please check if I’m still a supporter? If not, I’ll connect my new account up as to donate ASAP.

Thanks, I love this service, and can’t get wait to back to conquering my city

Uh oh!

Well, lots for me to learn here around the whole “subscriber cancels their account” process. :laughing:

I’ll write back here with my progress. I might not get to it until my lunch break today (Eastern Time).

OK, I was able to get to this before heading into work.

I started another sync for your account - hopefully this gets everything that’s left.
I also fixed up your Supporter status. Your subscription is still in place as-is … no changes there.

Brilliant, everything looks perfect!

Thanks for getting on to that so quickly, and I promise no more random button pressing for a while

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