Specify Lifemap Centre

I was wondering if there would be any option to be able to manually specify the centre point to be displayed on your life map. Currently (i think) that it centres on the middle of your home city. The issue that I face is my home “city” is actually a large county that I live in the corner of and my default lifemap looks a bit light! Mike Heywood's Map View - CityStrides

I was thinking if you could optionally specify the centre point coords in settings so that the default view looked more like this which given the coords are now in the url makes this “easy”? Mike Heywood's Map View - CityStrides

Appreciate that this only really impacts people like me who live a distance from the middle of their city and is a vanity thing but if you don’t ask!

Under the current way it operates, I think this would only be possible if there was a lower administrative level for St. Neots (where your purple seems to be concentrated) that classified it as a separate area, but that doesn’t seem to be the case. At least you only have to drag the map a little bit…

Maybe a workaround could be to turn on location settings and press the live tracking button when you load your lifemap, thus making the map zoom to you in your preferred area? :sweat_smile:

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Seems to me the best solution would be to go run more in Wood Walton, Abbots Ripton, Little Stukely, and Great Stukely

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I do keep wondering if I should start driving and running to clear some more of the map. Is always a problem that I need to do more than a marathon just to get to the outer limits of the “city” from my house!

As you say, is only a couple of swipes to center the map nicely. I think this is as much pride that if anyone else ever looks on my life map it doesn’t look like I’ve done much!!!