Sorting cities you walk/run in

I walk/run in a lot of cities.
When i try to look at the citymap of a city i have to read all the cities because they are sorted by % complete. Thats is surely an important way to look at your cities. But I would like also a simple alphabetic view per country and/or overall

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Sounds good!

This is a dumb list right now, but I’m currently in the process of converting other lists to custom code (the city list, and other similarly-formatted lists in the site, is a plugin right now - I’m putting some effort into making that custom code so I can have a bit more control).

I can include this list in my efforts. I’m at the point where pagination works properly, but I have more work to do to add searching and sorting. It’s not a ton of work left, it’s just a matter of finding free time to do it.

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that would be great!.
I have now ca 100 cities/municipalities in my citystrides, a lot with zero or 1%.
I like that because now I can seen where I have been but…
The name of the community is not so easy to know for Example Castricum= Castricum, Limmen, Bakkum and many more.
So it is difficult to find that village.
It would be very handy if you could search in your city list and could sort it alphabetically or per country. It wouuld also be handy if the percentage was 2 digits behind the comma (Europe) or as you call it decimal point.

Hi James
How are you doing? Is it still possible to find time to develop?
I was curiuos if you have any idea if you could find time to implement the sorting of cities/regions. I have now over 200 city’s and it gets difficult to find one.

BTW i can see that in my city the number of striders hase risen from 607 om 27 apr 2018 to 695 today in 6 month so the program is much used over here!