Something odd going on

I am working my way through Waverley in the UK of late having completed by “own” city last year.

This one is somewhat more challenging - lot bigger area and more streets and indeed more hilly. That said am making good progress and hit 55% today so can see light at the end of the tunnel as it were.

Until about a month, I largely had this one to myself on the leaderboard. However then a “private strider” popped up and is seemingly giving it a go. Fair enough CS is fundamentally a personal challenge and although I kind of think the “fun” of CS is to see who else is doing it and for people to see mine (if they want to), many people have reasons to remain private.

However this week I have started to become a little unsettled. I tend to run in the evening and with the nights drawing in have been starting near dusk and finishing basically when it has just got dark. For the last three days, the “private strider” has seemingly uploaded a run around midnight after mine around 7pm and always what must be a fairly long run as even advancing 1.5% tends to need a 10 miler here. It has started to feel they are just reacting to what I am doing but I of course have no real idea what they are doing.

So it is possible to reassure me that this other person is “really” running (at night!) and not just say ticking off a load of streets manually. I find it very hard to believe somebody is regularly running for so long so late in the evening in the pitch black and there are few areas in this “city” with good enough street lighting to make CS type runs in any way “enjoyable”.

On a general point should a private strider even appear on the leaderboard as they don’t appear anywhere else?


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My first thought is, could it be you have two accounts and are syncing to both, if the rate of street increase is the same for both you and the private strider? The timing more or less seems to be.

My second thought is, if it is someone else, use it as inspiration and a friendly competition. And if you spot someone else running up cul-de-sacs under the streetlamps, hail them down and meet your secret rival :sunglasses:


Umm very good point about another account. I do wear 2 watches but don’t recall linking up another account here. Better check that :slight_smile:

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Duh - @kevincharlespels was right - I had linked up a 2nd CS account without realising. I have made that public now so can “compete” with my other watch and see what it is up to :slight_smile:


I can merge them if you’d prefer - just need both profile links

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