Someone deleted a number of cities in New Mexico

The CityStrides links for these now missing places are (there may be more, these are just the cities that had recent update attempts):

Each city has a menu to the right of the city name, which contains a link to OpenStreetMap. Those pages each link out to the changeset that removed the city from OSM.
I’m wondering if these edits look legit. There’s no other city for me to fall back on, so if I delete these from CityStrides then there’s no way to run these streets.

Looks like all three of those are census-designated places, which there’s some debate on whether or not they should exist in OSM. If they are kept in OSM, it appears like the preferred tagging is boundary=census instead of administrative.

Unfortunately seems like a valid edit, though would be nice to keep them in CityStrides.

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@zbrown4 That’s very interesting about the “census-designated places” debate. I live in an area that is a CDP. We have a fire dept. and a town hall. Various other sites know the boundary, but OSM does not. It was my plan to add it, manually, since I had no luck finding a shapefile (see Help adding a CDP to OpenStreetMap ).

Anyway, sorry for the sidetrack, but the info was very interesting. Thank you

That would be fine, and suggests to me that the “correct” edit would have been to change the tagging instead of deleting the entire record. The wiki notes that many CDPs have been updated since their initial import … perhaps that’s what happened to those that were deleted :person_shrugging:

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