Smaller sections of big cities

I live in Queens, NY, which is a huge area (2000-odd miles of streets) with streets that run the length / width of the area. As a result, the #5 strider has completed something like 2% of the streets in Queens. This makes it more difficult to get a sense of progression when using CityStrides.

However, within Queens there are sub-areas that are a more reasonable size. Would be great if we could view data for the sub-areas, rather (or in addition to) Queens as a whole.

I notice that you’ve done this with Manhattan (using Manhattan Community Boards 1-12) rather than treating it as one whole area. Could even use the same community board approach in Queens - Community Boards – Office of the Queens Borough President.

Also think the idea could apply to other cities I’m familiar with. For example, Sam Francisco could be split by electorial discricts to segment out mission vs. richmond vs. sunset vs. dogpatch etc.

Thanks! Dan

I am against this idea, and not because I am the #1 leader {grin}. It’s so confusing running Manhattan streets nowadays. Well, not now now nowadays because of quarantine and all, but a street would be broken down to 4, 5 sections. I hope Queens doesn’t get the same bad fate.

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@danchaitow see Jim’s post here about that Country → Region → City

It’s a super cool idea that would be neat to have, but doesn’t seem like a feasible or high priority issue at the moment.

I’m working on my home city of Calgary, Alberta which has over 9,000 streets and I figure at my current rate it would take >7 years to complete. But that’s half the fun! Every street = 0.01% (roughly) and I can see that slow, continual progression. Even though our city is ~3.5x bigger than Queens, it takes until #10 Strider to get to 2% :wink: Maybe that’s just because we have more Striders?

I also keep track of the neighbourhoods that I complete just for my own fun, and it was just a matter of looking up the city’s Wikipedia page, downloading to Excel and keeping track there.

…sidenote: @qaptainqwerty your map is insane! Can you decipher what your writing says? This is awesome

“…Jacky Clifford ReJoyce Jennie CityStrides…”


Thanks @davemorin for the context and @qaptainqwerty for the opinion (p.s. mega kudos on the 15% - unassailable lead!). Totally understand why it wouldn’t be a priority feature as it’s very much a nice-to-have in a few specific cities.

Dave as you suggested I certainly visually break it down into smaller neighborhood subsections and tackle those, but I’d love it if I could get to 100% of ‘my’ area, which is impossible with an area that size. Also it would be nice to get more credit - if I do a tough 8 mile run and see my percentage go from like 1.56 to 1.57, it doesn’t feel like much progress! And being able to have different sized areas to stagger goals (so still have the 7 year ‘whole’ goal but also have the 1-month and 1-year sub goals) would be awesome.

Thank you for the compliment @davemorin but there’s nothing to decipher. I spell words, mostly names, from time to time during my run, to celebrate a friend’s birthday or whatever I feel like spelling at the time. I would love not to mar my handiwork (feetiwork?) but it happens. But note “City Strides”, made on two separate runs, remains as hallowed ground. “Just donut”, with the swoosh below that is now indistinguishable, won me free entry into a 5K Donut Run, but it’s not as highly revered as CityStrides so after some time it’s not as clear.

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Would neighborhoods work? There is also this idea: City Neighborhood Category

I like this idea and kind of a similar theme to an idea I just posted of having a “lighter” version of a city.

For me we often have day trips to the coast where we have a beach hut and have been trying to do all the streets in that “town”. Trouble is that it forms part of a huge geographical area so despite doing most of the roads I can get to without hopping in the car, I am only at 10% of the “city” and I have little desire or interest to spend all those day trips adding to that. It would be nice to say have done the couple of hundred streets in that town.

A few weeks ago the ability to add “nested” cities to large cities was implemented. If your beach town has some sort of administrative subdivisions it would be possible to add them as nested areas and you could complete those. You can read about it here.


@8f7162110d9eeaf907ab What is the definition of an:

Thank you, Eric

In theory any area in OSM that has a boundary should be importable into CityStrides. In practice, I believe @JamesChevalier uses admin_level tags in the process, so the object needs a boundary and an admin_level. These describe where the object sits in some form of government admin hierarchy. For example, New York City is admin_level 5, Manhattan is 7, Community Board # is 8, Hell’s Kitchen is 10.

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Yeah, I’m currently using that tag. I know it’s possible to use a similar Overpass query for “way” records - I just haven’t tried it yet.

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