Sign up process

My son is interested in joining citystrides
I am curious why once joined you can sync with Garmin, but in order to join you can only join with mapmyfitness, run keeper and strava.

COULD Garmin be added to that?


Gerrard -

The Garmin integration has only been active for a short while on Citystrides, and a log-in procedure using it has not yet been rolled out, but I am pretty sure @JamesChevalier plans to do so.

I seem to remember him setting up some one-time log in pages for Garmin, so he may be able to share something like that with you privately.

That is awesome that you get to go striding with your son!

Yeah, have him email me - I can share the link.
I can’t release it publicly yet because I have to do some server-size adjustments first. I do hope to enable that this week, though.