Shortest walk/run


I have a walk in Garmin (also in Strava - Strava Walk Activity) that doesn’t show on the map.

It is very, very short but I’d still like to see it on the map. Is there a minimum distance before it is placed on the map in CityStrides?


There is no minimum distance.

Does the activity appear in CityStrides at all? You can visit your profile page & look for it in that list. If it does exist, please share its link here.

Hey James,

Not in CityStrides. It was the 15th Jan 2021. It was in Garmin Connect as OTHER and have just changed to WALK.

But when I went to resync it says it is a duplicate.


@nathanjsimpson I noticed you said “other”, which likely means “walk” is probably not an option on your Garmin. I have the FR235 and loaded the “Simple Walk” app. Now I don’t have to change/edit anything, and the activity gets sync’d as a walk right away.

There are other walk apps, but this was the first I found and stuck with it. FYI, there is also a “Simple Hike” app, by the same person.

Hope that helps, Eric

I have a vague memory @ericjrw that I recorded this on an Edge 500 as that’s all I had on me at the time.

The watches I have do have Run/Walk mode and will keep the 500 for the bike. Though it is time to upgrade.


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Cool. I have a buddy, that rides with a bike Garmin, and I keep trying to get him to Stride. Never thought of that aspect to get him into it. So the Edge lets you do “other”, but not apps?


PS. I think you can pause syncing here at CS, so you can edit the activity before CS can important it. Never tried it though, so not 100% on how well it works.

I have a friend who has run across USA six or seven times, always with a baby stroller for his pack. And he has a Garmin bike GPS
, so all come out as bike rides in GC. Now with the pandemic he decided to run all streets in Stockholm instead, about 4-5000 streets. I showed him CS, but as he still uses the same stroller and GPS, it’s no good…only bike rides… BTW he’s 73 years old and planning a new run across USA next year

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It could be the competition but for biking (and running too now) your mates could have a look at Wandrer.Earth.

But no, the Edge only does bike which makes me wonder how the activity got changed to ‘other’ but it was a long time ago. And of course, once you get the activity in to GC you can change the type to anything you like.

Thanks for tips, might come in handy.

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