Sharing option, individually or account wide

If i sent my link toe friends they get a reply and an empty map.

“S. has not run at all, or is not sharing their activities.”

Is there an option to put all activities to ‘everyone’ or do i have to change every activity individually?

Right now, you have to go through and edit each activity individually to change its privacy setting.
CityStrides applies the privacy setting that you have in Map My Run/Runkeeper/Strava. If the activities in your tracking service are private, then they are also private in CityStrides.

I will add the ability to set privacy levels account-wide in one option. It will default to being not set - this will make CityStrides behave as it is right not, taking the privacy settings on a per-activity basis from the tracking service.
There will be two other options: ‘public’ and ‘private’. Choosing either one will override the privacy settings from the tracking service for every activity in your account. This would apply to the entire activity’s data (some services let you share the activity, but not the map) … So if you set your account to ‘public’, then all of your activities and the associated maps for those activities would be public. The inverse would be applied for ‘private’ accounts.

Sound good?

Not only good, but it sounds great! :smiley: