Searching streets by name removed?

Hey James. Love the new site. It is much improved. I however noticed that one can no longer search a street by name within a city (in either completed or incomplete streets). Can we add that feature back. It was very helpful when planning out runs especially when a street became a progressed street from a previous run. Thanks again for all that you do.

Oops! You’re right. I should be able to add that back in fairly quickly.

Alright, street searching has returned … It’s incredibly irritating to use, because it reloads the whole page and resets the active tab - so if you’re searching completed streets, after the page refreshes you’ll need to click back into that tab. :grimacing:
I just wanted to get something functional out, then improve it from there. It’ll take me longer to figure out how to make tab selection persist, and it didn’t seem like I should hold everything back for that.

Thanks for the quick update and all that you do.