Running a street with wrong name?

I discovered today that Flower Court, is really Quest Court.

I made the change in OSM, but am curious…

When CityStrides starts pulling in OSM updates, is this sort of thing going to be a problem? Will we still have credit for the street at the coordinates we ran?

Well this is the stuff I ponder.

Out to finish Flowers/Quest Court now.

Thanks, Eric

My theory is that after the map data update, your existing runs will be compared to the newly generated nodes. Then the individual roads’ completion status will be recalculated. Then finally the completion percentage for each city will be recalculated.

(At least that’s what I’d be doing.)

I expect my city competition percentage to increase substantially as CS drops all the roads outside of city limits.

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That is my understanding too - it is also one of the challenges @JamesChevalier has to deal with in that even just a single node change no a single street would result in every one of the nearly 17k accounts to require full recalculation without some additional programming. Bringing in the new OSM data isn’t the bottleneck, figuring out how handle every user account when the new data is brought in could possibly be.