Runnable nodes better in view on screen

The view with nodes is a great innovation, now we can see ‘under thehood’ where you have to go :slight_smile:

But the red spots are relatively very big and so the view gets a little bit cluttered.
You typically want to see a particular part of the map and the enlarge it on your screen
If you could turn (tilt) the view left or right a number of degrees you could get much more precise the area you want to run/walk in view.
The view would be less clutterd by the surrounding nodes.

I donot know if it is possible to make the nodes less showy? could the nodes be smaller? or only outlines? Is the node surface actually really exact or would a circle be more appropiate ?


This is a weird aspect of Mapbox that I haven’t figured out, yet. I basically got things to a place where I could shrug and say “it works” then I haven’t returned to fix it up.
I’d love to stylize all of the markers throughout the site, even if the three main options remained (if you’re logged out they’re just a general node marker, if you’re logged in then you have either unfinished or finished marker).

and the turning left or right a number of degrees would that be a futureoption ?

Do you mean tilting the “camera” view a bit?

Like how this page has a bit of a tilted view of the map:

It look as if I have some difficulty in explaining in English (it is not my language). I mean turning the picture clockwise so I can get another rectangle with only the strees and nodes I want to run

Oh! I see!

If you’re on a laptop you can hold down the option key (on a Mac, on Windows it might be option or alt or something else) and click/drag on the compass button - that’s the third one down in the top right of the map. That will let you spin the map around.

If you’re on mobile, you can use two fingers to spin and zoom the map around.

wow, it is just there! I didn’t understand that button well enough.
I tried the button but it didn’t do anything.
Now I understand just clicking on it brings it back in the beginstatus.
In Windows you use the shift and drag together and it does what I want! GREAT!

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