Runkeeper stopped synching

Since I have joined yesterday using my Runkeeper, synching has stopped and does not show any progress. What should I do to sync please?
Many thanks in advance

The Runkeeper connection is functional, so either you’ll start seeing activities sync in or the activities you’re expecting to arrive in CityStrides aren’t allowed (aren’t running/walking/hiking type activities).

Let me know what you see after a few hours.

Thank you for your prompt reply. It is finally updating but very slow. I might become a supporter hoping it will help with the sync.

I have the same problem. I joined but no sync has happened so far. Is cycling forbidden activity too?

Well, it’s not forbidden, but it’s not included in Citystrides. The motto is ”Run your city” but walks are also counted. So it’s by foot only that counts!

I’ll need your profile link to help out here, but yeah - CityStrides does not sync in cycling activities.
I’ll make sure there’s a wiki post that lists the activity types that are brought into CityStrides…

Isn’t this a bit short sighted? I can always set the activity type to run and then still ride a bike? I don’t understand the rationale… and unless you check the pace…

I suppose you could. It’s a bit of an honor system.

There’s someone in Florida that tracks their kayak trips as either running or walking, in order to see them in CityStrides. Unless they’re also in the Kids In The Hall, they’re probably not really competing others to finish their streets first.

The main point is that some people here are challenging each other; either friends or other people in their city that they don’t know. If one of them goes out and completes a pile of streets really quickly on a bike, then that’s a pretty trash move.

Since CityStrides is a solo hobby project, a whole bunch of what I do is “good enough” (I think lol). So it’s working out “well enough for now” (again, I think; it’s super useful to hear people’s opinions here, to help me gauge whether or not I’m perceiving things correctly) to ignore non-run/walk/hike activities. After/if more people come through with their wheels I’ll have to either implement a better block system or rework things to give cyclist their own space.

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I’d expect some bikers to have developed something similar to this already… bike every street?

Oh, for sure: