Run This City! button

I accidently clicked on “Run This City!” in a city i have no intention on running and now it’s in my citylist at 0%.
Any way to remove it ?

And on a sidenote. What is the purpose of a “Run This City!” button.

lol I don’t remember why I put that there … I think it’s from very early on in this site’s life, before that was automatically figured out.

Which city did you click the button for? I can clean that up for you.


I have used it to explore a city beforehand because you can only see the boundaries of a city/community if you have run it already.

:thinking: That doesn’t seem right. If I visit Essex, Massachusetts - CityStrides I see the blue outline - do you?

OK, I cleaned this up (that link will not go to the ‘not found’ message).

yes i can see it. I think i used it twice because sometimes it is difficult to find the name of the community if there are a lot of small villages