Run synched but 0 roads completed or progressed

Hello! My run has synched up through Garmin and is showing in my profile, and the streets are in purple in my Lifemap, however my stats for the run show zero streets completed or progressed when I know I’ve done a bunch of new ones. I’ve never had this happen before!


Yeah there’s a large activity processing delay CityStrides

Ah! Thank you and sorry for bugging. I had seen synching delays but not with streets progressed. Appreciate it.


Same ongoing issue from three days ago CityStrides
Going through some big growing pains

But James, the status page says 10minute delay for supporters, about 21 hours for non-supporters. I’m a supporter and my activities are now up to 7 days old and not processed for streets completed / processed. Am I reading the status page incorrectly or are you actually having major issues more than 7 days processing delay? If so, maybe your status page isn’t displaying correctly???

It’s the Activity Processing Delay that’s the issue.
I queued up a reprocess for that, just in case. I have had lots of issues in the past few days that could have affected processing beyond the delay.

understood, thanks

just so you know, today it seems to have caught up my last week’s worth of activities and it now processed my streets completed - at least for my recent and new activities. Not sure it has gone back over my strava or Garmin history though.

Will the system eventually process my old activities? It seems unlikely that 10 years of running and a life map that looks like spaghetti really equates to only 19 completed streets in my city

Are there still issues today? I’ve experienced syncing delays, but this is the first time where my Lifemap is updated but it’s been a whole day (I completed my run 12 hours ago) and my completed/progressed is still not updated

Yes everything will import and process

Same ongoing issue CityStrides
Going through some big growing pains, but the end is in sight

Thanks for your patience, I’m doing everything I can to catch everyone up

// @gsszklany