Route Builder path glitch

Over the last weekend I was traveling by train with weak wifi signal trying to plot a route with Route Builder, and noticed that the plotted path took quite a bit to appear after clicking on the map. That’s all fine and good, not CityStrides’ problem that my internet sucks. However, if you click another time too quickly before the dotted path appears, the path will appear with a blank gap in the middle. Unfortunately, hitting ‘undo’ to remove the gap doesn’t work because the gap reappears whenever you start clicking again. From my experience, once a path in progress has a blank gap it is corrupted and must be restarted. If you soldier on and save a plotted path with the gap in it, the final Route will connect the two points on either end of the gap with a straight line. (Screenshots below for this example Kevin Pels's Route - CityStrides)

The problem is worse with weak internet connection, but it still happens otherwise if you tap too fast. I’ve had to restart building a 20+ mile route more than once…I do hope this is something that could be fixed so that the gap either ceases to appear or can be removed with ‘undo’ once it does.