Roads Showing as Incomplete

After the last update I have several streets that show as incomplete. When using Node Hunter all of their nodes are marked as complete.

If I Go to those streets it shows the number of nodes across the top as 100% complete.

Here is the city

This is my account

These streets show I’ve completed 100% of their nodes but show as incomplete on the city page

I queued up the job that’ll reprocess your account. It looks like it’ll be in there for ~an hour before it runs. Let’s see if that corrects it.

I suspect that there was a condition in the background job queues that partially blocked some reprocessing jobs from running. I have some de-duplication code, and some of the jobs are in different queues, which might have let one aspect of the city update run completely and another aspect not.

I have some ideas on how to address this…

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That worked. Thank you!

Somewhat related follow up question: how often does OSM data get imported into CS for a city? Since that last update there have been quite a few changes to that city and I think I only have a couple more streets to complete but I won’t know until the next import.

Re: regularity of updates from OSM, it seems like 5-6 weeks is a decent bet.

This thread estimates 5-6 weeks based on total cities updated in a given period, and a similar estimate from e-mail updates on two random cities in :canada:

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